Joshua Stankard

Joshua Stankard - CEO of NotaryLive and Vibend

A website developer in New York, Joshua "Josh" Stankard serves as the chief executive officer of NotaryLive, an innovative remote online notary platform. The company utilizes a unique hybrid system in which an in-house team can notarize documents 24 hours a day or notaries can use its platforms to work with their own clients. Since 2019, Joshua Stankard has led NotaryLive to become a premier provider of remote online notary services for a client base that includes attorneys, real estate agents, and construction professionals.

In addition to his role with NotaryLive, Josh Stankard is the chief executive officer of Vibend, a website that takes a modular product approach to connecting consumers with vital records agencies. A self-taught web developer, Mr. Stankard learned basic HTML and CSS from blogs and YouTube videos. His first product was, which still exists in a scaled-down version.

Earlier in his career, Joshua Stankard spent seven years with the green energy conservation company Quality Conservation Services. In his free time, he enjoys playing hockey and various musical instruments, as well as spending time with family and friends.

Joshua Stankard

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Joshua Stankard
West Nyack, NY US